Quantum Life Changes



Tired of living an unauthentic life, trying to deal with addictions, anger issues, anxiety/depression or ongoing relationship issues? I CAN HELP. I have for over twenty five years worked with people from around the world on a myriad of LIFE issues, having international living, travel and study experience. If you , your son/daughter, spouse, or loved one are having difficulty please give me a call and speak with me personally- Scott Fleming.

Specialty Credentials include ; Addictions,  Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Neuro Linguistics,  Business Coaching, International Life Coaching, Motivational Coaching and  Crisis Intervention. In addition I have completed many other courses in Mindfulness, Emotional Intelligence health/fitness and well being.

Please contact me at 519 995 1264 day or evening with your questions or to set up an appointment.





  • Cost per Session: $100 - $140
  • Sliding Scale: Yes

Pay By: ACH Bank transfer, Cash, Check