What children don’t learn about themselves in their younger years leaves them extremly vulnerable as they attempt to navigate the complex social systems and world out there. As they hit middle school and then high school the underlying problems become evident and so begins the challenge of undoing and sorting out the various problems they are now challenged with.

Let’s face facts; when children start out in life they are astonishing.  They are inquisitive, frivolous, cheerful and agreeable.  Children are able, flexible, innocent and unassuming, ready for new tasks and challenges and work hard at accomplishing them. Often to our dismay and shock, our children begin to slip and fade from their once bright and promising lives. For some this can begin as early as eleven but generally starts showing up at the beginning of teen years.

Coaching for children and youth is directly related to them learning and understanding themselves, (self awareness), their inner world, and beginning to understand the process of INNER growth and development. Sadly, this is the least talked about, and worked on part of the child’s most formidable years of life. Having a strong core “identity” is key. Knowing about their mindset ‘growth vs, fixed”, knowing their character strengths, understanding Grit, and embracing their own uniqueness is an antidote to the problems occurring so readily today.

Children are faced with many things such as: building relationships, managing difficult emotions and situations, and decisions about what kind of self-image they will have.  As unfathomable as it may seem, they also have stress and anxiety.  Stress about friends, school, social acceptance and studies.  They are anxious about trying new things and understanding family dynamics. Fortunately for those children in the midst of stress and anxiety, there is support.  there are wonderful therapists, counselors and psychiatrists in Windsor. As a trained Child and Youth Counselor, and a Professional Youth Coach, I will take from a number of methodologies to support and guide your children and youth as they navigate their way through these times. 


Why Windsor Coaching for Children and Youth?

to support the child’s acknowledgement of his/her positive attributes
to build confidence and self-awareness
to be proactive (vs reactive only) with maintaining healthy well being
to develop a child’s intrapersonal and interpersonal skills
to diminish anxiety, stress, hostility, anger and struggles with conflict resolution
With compassion, direction, supportive questioning, and support, children and youth are able to gain new skills and tools to be…their best selves. 

 By creating a safe, welcoming space that includes mindfulness, comfort and curiosity, our children can find their own place and be successful.  It’s magical, rich and empowering.

I personally believe as in every sport the success of the person is directly related to their “COACH” Imagine a world where our children’s ability to live successfully and manage their lives was our main goal as parents as much as it is to be the best in sports. This would be a GAME Changer.